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ÖĂ - Leg Salsa

Leg Salsa

The original, rainy, cold, winter protective layer. $11.99 per 2oz. *Hot

Leg Salsa was our original product and is our best seller. It was designed to help with swelling and pain from a broken knee cap, and after rave reviews at the 2001 24-Hours of Moab, we decided to make Leg Salsa available to the public. This all natural product works as a counter inrritant to help make the legs perform well when temperatures drop.

ÖĂ - Pro Glaze

Hot weather oil mix. $14.99 per 4 oz bottle. *Medium

Designed with half the heating of Leg Salsa - its our all weather embrocation.


ÖĂ - Deep Tissue Massage Balm

Massage Balm. $4.99 per 2oz jar *No Heat

Designed for the deep tissue massage needs of physical therapists. It is an all natural olive oil balm with a hind of lavender. Many people use it as a lip balm or dry skin treatment.


ÖĂ - Smooth Ride Chamois Cream

Smooth Ride

Great for cycling shorts! $11.99 per 8 oz bottle

This is a natural based chamois cream that works as an antimicrobial and antibacterial. It was the first product on the market to use tea tree oil to help prevent saddle sores. Now in a new paraben free formula designed to last on long rides.

ÖĂ - Breathe Strong

Breathe Strong

Respiratory Preparation $16.99 per 1 oz. bottle.

Breath strong is our essential oil formula based on Chinese medicine theories. It is designed to open the breathing pathways and reduce congestion prior to and during rides.

ÖĂ - Performance Package

BRING THE HEAT: 1 Leg Salsa, 1 Breathe Strong, 1 Deep Tissue, 1 Smooth Ride, Free T-Shirt! Only $29.00

ÖĂ - T-Shirts & Accessories

Order your very own Leg Salsa T-Shirt! Comes in white only - $14.99

This water bottle is 100% Biodegradable. This Bio-Green water bottle is made with at least 20% recycled plastic. Bio-batch is a non-toxic additive that actually helps the environment, Prop 65 compliant and dishwasher safe. - $9.99